Best Business Decision

Undoubtedly the best business decision we ever made

We’ve been hugely blessed to find out about Dennis and take the plunge into hiring him as our business consultant. As a company, we have hugely benefited from his expertise and passion for business done well. The charts and formulas to track sales and profits continually help us make better choices. Our team members look forward to every monthly call with him. (Not to mention that initially they weren’t sure about bringing in a consultant!) The morale of the employees has been strengthened, the team leaders are highly motivated and I, as the business owner, am almost replaced! It’s what I’ve always dreamt of accomplishing but didn’t know how to go about building the infrastructure. His faith-based work ethics are an invaluable asset that aligns with our values. In Dennis we’ve found not only a business consultant but a deeply valued friend. I thank him for his leadership skills in directing us toward what feels like a very positive future.

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