About Us


Our mission is to help individuals and their businesses thrive by embarking on a journey of dream discovery and purpose fulfillment.


We see a business world led by a servant leadership culture that fuels both business and personal growth. We strive every day to make that a reality.


TRUST – We understand that trust is foundational to building relationships and maximizing influence.

INTEGRITY – We understand that integrity is established through honesty, transparency, and humility.

GROWTH – We understand that personal growth is necessary to increase the capacity needed for organizational growth.

PEOPLE – Every business is in the “people business”. Respecting people, honoring their gifts, and believing in them are all keys to making a living and making a life.

What Value Do We Bring To Your Organization?

  • I have 7 years of Retail general management experience that will allow me to provide value and expertise in many different areas.

  • I will provide on-site visits, monthly support, encouragement, and accountability along with optional personnel growth workshops.  I will spend the necessary time to diagnose before prescribing.

  • I will provide necessary tools to help leaders “work in the business” and “work on the business”.  Many owners and operators struggle because they do not realize how important it is to work on both at the same time.  I long for my clients to work hard and to work smart.

  • We specialize in creating custom performance dashboards that reflect your operation’s key performance metrics.

  • We provide motivational speaking for your banquets and special events.

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