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Valuable Insights

Dennis is able to offer insight into the different aspects of business that we found very helpful. We have only good to say about our experience working with Thrive Tree. Definitely worth the time and effort. Several small steps in a specific direction allow you to look back after a year and realize the amount of accomplishment.

Henry Knicely

Great insight and direction!

Great insight and direction!

Larry Troyer

Significant Results

Just had Dennis as a guest speaker at our company’s winter banquet last night. We enjoyed it immensely. Fun, laughter, motivation, and deep thoughts. After only six months of coaching, we’ve already implemented numerous suggested initiatives and have experienced significant results. Dennis is genuine and very passionate about what he does, it shows. Looking forward to the months ahead.

Lynn Miller

A Pleasure To Work With

It’s been a pleasure working with Dennis and the Thrive Tree team. I was not looking for a coach at the time I met Dennis, but after a few conversations, I realized that he has vast experience in the bulk food industry, making him the perfect fit for our business. Dennis is passionate about seeing his clients reach their full potential and will walk with them to see them succeed in their business and personal lives.

Phil Riehl

Breath of Fresh Air and a Confirmation.

For years when I had visited the Walnut Creek Store when attending their food shows I would often stop by their flagship store and was always impressed with the atmosphere and the operations. I had made the comment numerous times that I wish there was someone I could talk to from this store so I could pick their brain in the areas of operations, sales, financial analysis, human resources, etc. Well, lo and behold here was the man himself starting this consultation business! I was onboard with it and have been very pleased with the results I am seeing in my own small business. His experience and passion for people coupled with his strong business knowledge has been a blessing in furthering my own knowledge and applying these principles to my business. I highly recommend for anyone that wants to grow as a business person, their people, and their business!

Bruce Harrison

Best Business Decision

Undoubtedly the best business decision we ever made

We’ve been hugely blessed to find out about Dennis and take the plunge into hiring him as our business consultant. As a company, we have hugely benefited from his expertise and passion for business done well. The charts and formulas to track sales and profits continually help us make better choices. Our team members look forward to every monthly call with him. (Not to mention that initially they weren’t sure about bringing in a consultant!) The morale of the employees has been strengthened, the team leaders are highly motivated and I, as the business owner, am almost replaced! It’s what I’ve always dreamt of accomplishing but didn’t know how to go about building the infrastructure. His faith-based work ethics are an invaluable asset that aligns with our values. In Dennis we’ve found not only a business consultant but a deeply valued friend. I thank him for his leadership skills in directing us toward what feels like a very positive future.

Delbert Schlabach

The Business/ Leadership Connection

I have personally gained tremendous strength and insight through my connection with Dennis and Thrive Tree Coaching. Leadership can become a lonely place of insecurity if not well connected. My connection with Thrive Tree and the resources they offer have been an affirmation to my leadership of our company and in my personal life and family. I have enjoyed the opportunity to experience leadership pouring into my cup and focusing on growing me as a leader. The tools that Dennis has offered have been very valuable and give me a more clearly defined picture of where we are and where we are headed. Very Thankful for this Connection!

Mark Hochstetler

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching, Dennis’s service well paid for itself!

Moses Gingerich

Such An Asset To Our Company

Dennis has been such an asset to our company. As a business owner, having someone to look over my shoulder and help me to see the strong and weak points of our business has brought a lot of stability to our company. Building on our strengths and being willing to look at our weaknesses is a great way to build a team. My management team has thanked me for bringing Dennis into coach our company. It was a great decision and a great tool for the future!

Jon Yoder

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